Working with Documents

In the last post, I went over Working with Images. Here, I talk about documents.

In the transition from Schoolloop to Catapult, users may not know where to look to find documents they uploaded to the old Locker system, or how to upload new documents in Catapult.

Catapult's system is slightly different, but you can access all documents and images in the same place: at the upper left hand of the editing workspace. There are two tabs, one for Documents and the other for Images.

Under the Documents tab, you'll find what is essentially a File Manager / file transfer program. You can upload files and organize them into folders and subfolders of your creation. You can even re-name uploaded files with names that make sense to users, and without worrying about breaking the link since Catapult fixes that for you.

On the left side of the File Manager is where you can upload documents from your computer. Once it's uploaded, in the middle section is where you indicate where you want the file to go after it's uploaded. Then click the green "Save to Catapult" button at the bottom to transfer the file. In that middle section, you can create new folders, rearrange them, or move documents from one folder to another. In the right panel, you see file information and a preview if one is available for that file type. Files cannot be larger than 100 MB.

Here's Catapult's 3 minute video on Working with Documents: 

In their video, there's also a look at a nifty page element called "Tabbed Content." If you have sequenced information in a page that is forcing the page to get really long where it takes forever to scroll down to access, the Tabbed element allows you to create tabs along the top so the page can be shorter. I tried it on my Mock Trial Scores archive page, which was sequenced by year and which used to be really long. Now, the years appear at the top rather than further down the page. I think it's a neat tool.

 Next, I plan on posting something about calendars, and working with Google Calendars.


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