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My previous post was about logging in to the Catapult RCHS website.

After logging in, from the main Catapult screen they call the Dashboard, you see the link to Manage Websites.

Click on that icon (or the Websites link in the navigation bar above it) and you will see the different websites you have access to.

Many site users have access to only one website -- their own. But some users have been given access to other websites at RCHS: department or academic websites, student club websites, or perhaps an athletics website. If there is a website that you need access to, contact me and I'll take care of it.

The Options menu for each website allows you to view the live version of the website, or an edited version of the website that hadn't been published yet (what Catapult calls a "Staging site"). Click on the Edit button to access the website.

The big dark area is the workspace; double-click on a page at left to edit it there.
On the left side are

  • tabs where you can access Images and Documents that you upload to your site (like the "Locker" in Schoolloop);
  • a list of webpages on your site. You can add pages, perhaps one for each course you teach. double-click on a page to open it up for editing;
  • Icons showing the types of content elements that you can drag-and-drop to your page; and
  • integrated Google elements that you can add to your page, like Google Calendars that you have already created or will create in the future.

Across the top are page settings, including places to save your work and publish it to the web.

When you open a page by double-clicking on it, it should look something like this:

You can drag-and-drop content elements from the left side to a space on the page, and then double-click on the element to open it up for editing. For more information on adding content, check out this video: Adding Content.

See my previous blog post for links to the other videos, or access them from the Help link in Catapult.

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