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Gerald O'Connor

The WUSD has decided to switch website vendors from Schoolloop to Catapult for all schools in the district. Our new website address is rivercity.wusd.k12.ca.us. (Our old address at Schoolloop should still work through the remainder of the school year if you need to transfer files over manually.)

All teachers who had a website on Schoolloop should have had their page(s) migrated over to the new site by the vendor. Unfortunately, they did not migrate non-teaching staff websites. Please contact me at goconnor@wusd.k12.ca.us if you would like me to create a website for you.

First, a couple of terms to know.

  • A site administrator is one who has access to the whole school site and can edit just about any page on the site. I have this access, as do the Principal and Assistant Principals, Joan Smith, Sarah Ostatnik, Jamie King, and a few others. There is a higher level -- Developer -- that is controlled by select staff at the district office. 
  • A site user is a staff member (certificated or classified) with a WUSD account. Site users may have their own page or access to other pages -- websites -- on the school site. They may only have their name and contact information in the Staff Directory. This tutorial is targeted to site users.
  • A site visitor is anyone who uses the site but doesn't log in. 

To log in, scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on the little lock "Log in".

RCHS home page log in location

The log in screen should look like the one below. Click the Google Single-Sign On button to access your account. All district staff members -- certificated and classified -- have an account automatically created through the HR department.

Google single sign-on from Catapult

If you have more than one Google account, it may prompt you to select your WUSD account. Click on it and you should arrive at the screen below. At the top, there is a link to your account information (just click on your name), a link to Help videos, the log-out link, and the little 3-line "hamburger" menu icon, which duplicates what is already on your screen.

individual user dashboard in Catapult

The account information screen is really minimal -- just your name, email address, and phone. I've contacted Catapult and asked that each site member be given access to edit their own Site Directory information -- bio, photo, etc. It's disappointing, but at this time (January 2019), Catapult has NOT given site users the ability to change any of that information themselves. Please contact me or Joan Smith and we can update whatever you like.

user account settings screen in Catapult

The Help link takes you to a collection of videos that vary in length from 2:00 to 4:00 minutes. I've looked at several of them, and many are geared more towards site administrators than site users. Some have information that is applicable to both.

Those videos that may be most helpful to site users are:

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